Thursday, September 22, 2005

Help Rebuild WWOZ New Orleans' Jazz and Heritage Station

WWOZ, New Orleans' Jazz and Heritage Station is in need of a new building. Please help this worthy project continue. One of my greatest fears about the rebuilding of New Orleans is that it will never be the same culturally.

Please don't let Katrina become the greatest cultural disaster to hit the US.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Katrina Catastrophe Leads Howie Luvzus to Launch NOLA Rescue

I've started this site with two purposes in mind:
1. Provide a place where people can help Katrina victims
2. Prepare us for future disasters

Many New Orleanians stayed home during hurricane Katrina because they have pets. NOLA Rescue will provide a meeting place for those who would be willing to house pets during an evacuation and thos who need a safe place to leave their pets during an evacuation.

Many New Orleanians did not evacuate because they lacked the transportation to do so. NOLA Rescue will provide a place where those who have extra space in their vehicles can "buddy-up" with someone who needs a ride.

Please email me at howie(dot)luvzus(at) if you have any questions!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Jazz Fest Jesus and the Kingdom of God

Jazz Fest Jesus and the Kingdom of God

Almost every year, if the weather is good, I make the trek to New Orleans for Jazz Fest. I love the food, the beer, the music, and the people. Not necessarily in that order! If you have not been, you need to try to attend at least once in your lifetime. Bring sunscreen and lots of money! My advice, don’t see the headliners. Bob Dillon was unintelligible; Lenny Kravitz put me to sleep. Steve Miller was great though.

Anyway, the local talent in Louisiana is incredible! Galactic, Cowboy Mouth, Kermit Ruffins, Michael White (yes, the one James McClendon wrote about!)----unbelievable. My favorite place to hang out is the Gospel Tent. The Zion Harmonizers rock even though their lead singer is about 90 years old. The last time I visited the Gospel Tent I had an unexpected encounter with the Divine. There was a gospel group consisting of about six or seven African-American ladies all dressed in white and they were singing about Jesus and God’s grace to the top of their lungs. It was the most inspirational moment I’ve had in a long time. They were so good. They may have helped to facilitate my encounter with the Holy Other, but they were not the source of my connection with the God who is Love.

I felt for a few brief moments that I had an experience of the Kingdom of God. As I leaned against the tent on the back row I was touched by the humanity that I saw. There were guys with cowboy hats and big belt buckles dancing and raising their hands! There were young mothers lifting their infants into the air and I saw enormous smiles on the babies’ faces and great joy emanating from their mothers. There were scores of black children running up and down the isles singing their hearts out. I noticed kids about twenty or so dancing and laughing and spilling their beer. They had tattoos and piercings all over and showing way too much skin. I noticed very few “saints” and quite a few sinners. I of course, felt really at home.

I felt that I was looking at the world through God’s eyes. It was a crowd that reminded me of the guests at the banquet Luke described in chapter 14 of his gospel. As Patrick McCormick stated, “Jesus makes it clear that friendship of God’s table reaches far beyond those who expect to be the invited guests.” Jazz Fest Jesus welcomes sinners and eats with them! (Luke 15:2) These “sinners” I was observing were as Luke described in chapter 15, lost treasures that God zealously seeks and invites to the banquet table!

For about an hour, I saw young and old, rich and poor, lesbian biker chicks and angelic gospel singers unite and experience joy together. Did any of us really understand the grace about which we sang? No. As Paul wrote in Eph. 3:19, the love of God is beyond our comprehension. But for a little while at least, I caught a glimpse.

Gracious God, thank you for calling sinners unto you. Thank you for the hope we have in You. May your Kingdom come!

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Galactic Cowboy Mouth Kermit Ruffins Dr Michael White Harmonizers